When we started the Rotaract movement our motto was ‘Fellowship Through Service’. And we spent most of youth to enhance our fellowship with the Rotaractors of every corner of the country. After spending few years, we had to leave the movement because of the age limitation. We left and got involved in different profession and vocation. Although we wanted that our fellowship to continue for rest of our life but in absence of a platform we have not been able to keep the communication with each other. Some of us have joined Rotary but a good number opted to remain out of the same. As a result we were missing a big group of our friends.

We were very much thrilled when we found that a number of our Ex-Rotaractors felt that a platform will be able to reunite us and thus ERF was created in the year 1999 Since then our walk was not always very smooth, sometime we really had to pass through some hard time and hurdles. But at the end of the day we all are very happy because we are all still in the loop of fellowship of our golden time.

Being the President of the organization I am very happy that the website of ERF has been relaunched with a view to keep the members and all concerned informed with latest information. I am sure that every ERF members will find it useful and eventually it will help us to foster our fellowship more and more. In today’s mechanical and digital world the website will help us to keep all our friends connected.

Best of luck to all!