Constitution of Ex-Rotaractors Forum

Article I : Name


The name of the organization will be Ex Rotaractors forum (ERF)


Article II : Address

It’s main office will be situated in Dhaka.


Article III : Registration

It will be registered organization under the Societies Registration Act. 1960; and in absence of any provision, the relevant provision of the act will be applied.


Article IV : Scope and Definitions

[A] Scope:

It is an organization of the Past Rotaractors, absolutely a non-political/non-sectarian, neither it is parallel nor a supplementary organization to any one. It will serve only the articulated interest of its members strictly within the framework of its Constitution.


[B] Definitions:


[i]    ‘Commission’ refers to the Election Commission to conduct the election of the Executive Council.

[ii]        ‘Council’ refers to the elected Executive Council of the ERF.

[iii]       Country’ refers to Bangladesh.

[iv]       ‘Forum’ refers to the Ex Rotaractors Forum (ERF)

[V]  ‘Term’ refers to the period of two years from July to June for which a Council remains valid.

[vi]       ‘General Council’ shall refer to the general body of members of the Forum.

[vii] ‘Good standing’ means to remain in membership including the paying dues in time.

Article V : Purposes and Functions

[A] Purpose:


To bring all the members under a fellowship bond paving way to accelerate their mutual cooperation for professional, social and any other development resulting multi dimensional development of the country.


[B] Functions:


[1]        To enroll past Rotaractors who fulfill the requisite qualifications for being so.

[2]        To help members to grow and develop in their respective professions.

[3]   To arrange the annual meeting for all members by 31st August of the respective year.

[4]        To bring out a quarterly bulletin for the members.

[5]   To organize professional seminar, symposium, cultural and sports enabling the members and their family members to attend.

[6]   To organize local and overseas tour programs for the members and their families.

[7]   To develop a fund to help for the family of an accidentally killed or handicapped member.

[8]        To acquire movable and immovable property in the name of the forum.

[9]        To adopt programs and projects to serve the community and country.

[10] To sponsor, arrange projects on community, social and other avenues at its own or jointly with other organizations.



Article VI : Membership


Forum shall have two kinds of membership, a) Regular, b) Life


[A]       Entry:

[i]    One who was a rotaractor and whose name had been printed al least in one of the Rotaract Directories.

[ii]   Members are to be aware of all the obligation in the forum and will remains ready to abide by the rules-regulations and to pay the requisite fee for so.

[iii]       The membership induction fee is Tk. 500/- (Five hundred).

[iv]       Life membership fee is Tk. 10,000/- (Once in lifetime). Existing member who wants to be a life member should clear his dues up to 2011-12.


[B]       Rights:

[i]         Right to vote in electing the council.

[ii]   Right to go through all the public documents, accounts and records of the Forum with prior approval of the Council.


[C]  Termination:

[i]    For such conduct or activity as to be deemed by the council to be contrary to the purpose of the organization, provided a chance of being heard to be given to him/her.

[ii]   For failure to pay annual subscription by 31st August of the concerned year.

[iii]  By resignation from membership of the forum.


Article VII : General council


[A]  Executive Council is to be formed for a term of two years from amongst the members through an election as per Article-XIII.

[B]  Following will be the 17 members Executive Council.


President,……………………………………………………………..  1

Immediate Past President,………………………………………  1

Vice President,……………………………………………………..          1

General Secretary,…………………………………………………         1

Honorary Treasurer,………………………………………………          1

Joint Secretary,……………………………………………………..         2

Publication Secretary,…………………………………………….         1

Welfare Secretary,…………………………………………………         1

Members,……………………………………………………………..         8


[C]       Attendance of one third of the members of the Council will form a quorum.

[D]       Council is to meet at least once in every Calendar Month.


Article IX : Power and Duties of the Executive Council


[a]   For all of its activities, the council will remain accountable to the General Council.

[b]        Will arrange Annual General Meeting (AGM).

[c]   Will terminate a member for misconduct or any act contrary to this constitution only giving him/her chance of being heard [as per article-VI (C)]
[d]   Will form Sub-Committee(s) for specified term (not exceeding the Council’s term) with particular terms of reference.

[f]   Will adopt such all other programs and projects needed to serve its purpose-welfare of the members as well as the development of the country.


Article X : Responsibilities of the Office Bearers



(i)    President remains to be the constitutional chief of the forum, she/he will preside over all the meetings of the Council and Forum. In his/her absence the Vice President of the forum will preside. In case of absence of both of them the senior most member of the council other than the general secretary and Honorary Treasurer will preside over the meeting.


(i)    General Secretary remain to be the administrative Chief in implementing all the plans and programs. She/he will be accountable to the council for the implementation of all of its programs and activities.

(ii)   General Secretary will notify the members at least 15 (fifteen) days ahead of the AGM along with the agenda, audited accounts of the forum for last year and minutes of the last AGM.

(iii)  General Secretary will supervise the activities of the Sub-Committees and will collect activities report from them on behalf of the Forum.

(iv)           General Secretary will present Annual Activities Report in the AGM.


(i)    Honorary Treasurer will keep exact accounts of all monetary transactions. She/he must deposit any fund in forum’s Bank account within seven days of its receipt.

(ii)   She/he will submit quarterly income and expenditure report to the Council in September, December, March and June.

(iii)  Will prepare annual budget and will submit it in the AGM with prior approval of the Council.


(i)    Joint secretaries will carry out the activities given by the General Secretary to help him in his job.

(ii) Will act as General Secretary in the meeting in case of his absence.


If any position of the Executive Council becomes vacant due to termination or resignation, that position will be nominated/elected by the Executive Council.


The outgoing council will handover all Responsibilities/ Documents/Accounts to the newly elected council within 2 (two) weeks of the AGM/Election.


Article XI: Meetings

[A]       General Meeting:

(1)   Will be held at a time and venue convenient to the members, to be decided by the Council.

(2)   General Secretary will notify the members at least fifteen (15) days ahead of the AGM along with the agenda.

(3)   One third of the total good standing members of the Forum will form a quorum.

(4)   Resolutions adopted in a General meeting will be binding on all the members of the forum.


[B]  Emergency General Meeting on requisition:

At least one-fourth members of the general Council may request in writing to the General Secretary for a meeting giving at least one month time. General secretary will be bound to convene a General Meeting within one-month time from the date of receipt of such notice from the required of members.


[A]  General Fund:

(1)   Members subscription, donations and any other fund for the forum is to be treated as General Fund.

(2)   An Annual subscription of Tk. 1000.00 (One thousand) is mandatory for each member is to pay to the Honorary Treasurer by 31st of August each year.

(3)   Life member will have to pay Tk. 10000/- Once after induction. He need not to pay annual subscription.

(4)   Only member(s) approved by the Council can transact any fund on behalf of the Forum.


[B]  Special Fund and Trust:

(1)   Council can form a special fund for special purpose. Detail record of income and expenditure of the fund is to be maintained and annual report is to be placed in the AGM.

(2)   Council may form a trust with prior approval of the general Council.


[C]  Income-Expenditure Management:

(1)   Honorary Treasurer will keep detail exact record of the Forum’s fund. President Treasurer, General Secretary and the Treasurer in their joint signatures will be able to withdraw money from the bank.

(2)   She/he will submit an audited accounts report of the outgoing year in the AGM.



Article XIII: Election of Executive Council


(1)   All the members of the Executive Council are to be elected by the direct votes by ballots in every alternate regular AGM. The Council to be elected for a term of Two (2) years.

(2)   The qualification of being the Executive Council Member of ERF will be minimum consecutive 2 (two) years (ending 30th June) of membership.

(3)   Executive council is to appoint a five (5) members Election Commission to be headed by a Chairman, Two (2) months ahead of the election.

(4) The Commission is to announce the date of election six weeks ahead of election.

(5)   Selection of candidates must be done at least one week ahead of the date of election.

(6)   The final list of voters has to be supplied by the Executive Council to the Election Commission 15 (Fifteen) days ahead of the election/AGM.

(7)   The list of voters can be procured by any member of the Forum from the commission. Subject to a payment of necessary administrative cost for it.

(8)   The members will preserve the right to vote in electing the council whose annual dues will be clear at least 15 days before of the AGM. In addition, the voting right will be applicable to a person, who will be member before 30th June of respective year.

(9)   All elections are to be held by secret ballots. In case of tie of equal number of votes in any position, Commission is to decide the result by an open lottery.

(10) In election, if single candidate is found in any position, the Commission will declare him/her to be elected in the post.


Article XIV: Bye-Laws


Forum may have a Bye-laws which has to be passed by the simple majority of the

members in a General Meeting.


Article XV: Amendment


(a)   Any article, clause, sub-clause or any part of the constitution, can be amended only in the AGM by the consent of two third of the forum members.

(b)   For any such amendment, a proposal along with its necessity is to be sent writing to the General Secretary at least three weeks ahead of AGM.

(c)   In case of an explanation about anything not mentioned in this Constitution or any confusion arises on any of its point, the council will form a five (5) members Committee to decide/clarify the issue.